A Call to Fast to End Abortion part 2

When Jonah was sent into Ninevah, he was sent with the message: “God will destroy his city in 40 days.” Ninevah was a pagan city, yet the Lord sent a reluctant prophet to warn the people. God didn’t want to destroy Ninevah. He didn’t delight in its demise, so he sent a man of God to warn them.

When the king heard, he called for a fast and time of repentance. This was not a godly king. This was a pagan king. Yet, his call for repentance had the same influence. People feared the coming judgement, they humbled themselves with prayer and fasting and cried out to God for mercy.

God relented for at least 100 years.

What about us? What about our children and grandchildren? Can we take this as an example? Can we grieve over the sin of our nation, starting with our own personal sin and fast and pray for God’s mercy?

How did the word spread? By word of mouth? Neighbor to neighbor? How can we spread the word to fast and pray? Who will fast with you? Your family? Your friends? Your Bible study or church? We need to come together for the sole purpose of repentance and seeking the mercy and grace of the Lord.

God can heal hearts and minds. Let us pray and fast today and for the rest of the week, to end abortion in our nation.

Prayer for day 2-

God, you search and know my heart. You can see if there is any wicked way in my heart and mind. Purify my life Lord. Show me what sin you want me to repent from, In Jesus’ name.

God, forgive our nation for the sin of abortion. Cleanse your body of Christ for your greater work. Convict leaders in the church, who are living in adultery and fornication of their sins. Bring purity to the hearts of your people you have redeemed.

Redeem and heal those women who have been scarred by abortion, in Jesus’ name. Bring healthcare professionals out of the abortion industry. Turn the hearts of Mother’s and Fathers towards their children, in Jesus’ name.

Send your angels to do battle in the heavenly realms against the enemy that holds the power over abortion in our nation, in Jesus’ name. Jesus, you are exalted high above the earth. Deliver us from ourselves, Lord! Have mercy. Send your power to set people free, Amen.

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