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Week 1 Learning to Pray and About Your Place in God’s Family.

Learning to Pray the Scripture
Week 1 Day 1
Week 1 Day 2
Week 1 Day 3
Week 1 Day 4
Week 1 Day 5

Week 2 – Sealed with the Holy Spirit

Week 2 Day 1
Week 2 Day 2
Week 2 Day 3

Week 2 Day 4
Week 2 Day 5

Week 3- Seated in Heavenly Realms

Week 3 Day 1 Get psyched up! Today Briana starts digging into the incredible hope we have in Christ, including our position in Christ, where we are seated with him in heavenly realms. What does this mean for our every day lives? How does this play out? Join us this week. This is better than finding $20 in an old coat pocket! 
Week 3 Day 2 Today Briana discusses two contrasting kingdoms: the kingdom of this world, which is ruled by the ruler of the kingdom of the air and the kingdom of God, which is ruled by our Creator God. What does Ephesians say about the devil’s power? How can we live in the power of our authority in Christ? Briana challenges women to live practically in this world, exalting the Lord, instead of living for things that perish. How do we model this for our children? 
Week 3 Day 3 What a mind-blowing episode! Today, Briana breaks down all the passages in Ephesians that talks about the significance of the heavenly realms, our position in it, and our purpose in it in Christ. This episode covers the whole spectrum, from the power of the blessing to what happened in heaven when the devil rebelled to our battle against evil in the heavenly realms. Get ready for some powerful scripture!
Week 3 Day 4 Give me eyes of faith to see, Lord! God has raised us up with Christ and seated us in heavenly realms far above every other authority. How does this look when we get sick, or when we are under seeming oppression? Find out, with stunning testimonies. 
Week 3 Day 5 Take a look at Acts 19, where Paul works extraordinary miracles, demons are cast out of people and the Ephesians have a bon-fire with all of their occult books! Crazy stuff here. What can we learn about our walk with the Lord and knowing God from Paul’s time in Ephesus? What can we be cautious about, with the ever encroaching new age, eastern religious practices that are entwined in our culture? Find out today! 

Week 4 – Culture in Crisis/Reconciliation

Week 4 Day 1 Listen today to find out about the spiritual battle that goes on in the heavenly realms over cultures and nations.
Week 4 Day 2 of Revealed in Ephesians: The Mystery of Who I Am in Christ. Listen today to dig into the foundations of reconciliation.What does the death and resurrection of Christ teach us about reconciliation of people? 
Week 4 Day 3 of Revealed in Ephesians: The Mystery of Who I Am in Christ. Continue in the study this week, as we learn the practical ways Jesus tears down the walls in our lives in our relationships.
Week 4 Day 4 of Revealed in Ephesians: The Mystery of Who I Am in Christ. Go deeper in learning about reconciliation today.
Week 4 Day 5 of Revealed in Ephesians: The Mystery of Who I Am in Christ.

Week 5 Reconciliation

Week 5 Day 1 of Revealed in Ephesians: Today we get our hands on a brand new prayer by the Apostle Paul! This is such a deep and empowering prayer! Your life will be changed and your prayer life will be strengthened and renewed, when you being to add these prayer truths to your prayer life!
Week 5 Day 2 of Revealed in Ephesians: Today we learn how biblical prophecy is fulfilled through Christ and is still being fulfilled today. Learn how to know the mysteries of God, without being deceived by false mystery religions. Hear how New Age and Eastern Thought talk about mystery differently than the truth we find in Ephesians, as God reveals his true mysteries to us!
Week 5 Day 3 of Revealed in Ephesians: Today, we dig into the truths about Spiritual Fathers and Mothers. Who is responsible for your spiritual eyes opening? Who has God used to bring you into his kingdom? What does spiritual leadership look like? How is it different than what the world teaches us? All of us end up leading in some areas of our lives, even if it’s leading our children. Learn more about what God wants to do in your life to prepare you for the leadership he has for you!
Week 5 Day 4 of Revealed in Ephesians: Today, Briana talks about the mystery that God reveals himself in nature and uses natural metaphors to show us mysterious spiritual truths. What does God mean that we are living stones built into the temple of God? How is the teaching that God reveals himself in nature different than the new age or Buddhist teaching that God is in everything in nature? How can we trust the Bible?
Week 5 Day 5 of Revealed in Ephesians: How do we know the intentions of God’s heart? How in scripture can we see the Lord’s purposes for us? Let’s call this the heart to heart episode! God’s heart to our hearts!

Week 6- Confidence in Prayer and Our Place in the Body of Christ.

Week 6 Day 1 of Revealed in Ephesians: How can you have confidence in prayer? If I am a sinner who needs Jesus, how can I have confidence when I go before the Father in prayer? Listen to Briana share a very personal testimony about how through confidence and unity in prayer God provided her family a home in a special way.
Week 6 Day 2 In today’s study, Briana digs deeper into confidence in prayer. Learn more about how great our Father is and how willing he is to provide for our needs according to his riches and glory. He can do more than you can ask or imagine. Learn about how to overcome rejection by a Father and to begin to trust that God, our good Father wants to give you free access to his grace, mercy and power.
Week 6 Day 3 In today’s study, Briana teaches on the power of God in the body of Christ. How do we live in the fullness of God’s power? How does God work to divide his gifts up in the body of Christ? How do we experience more of God by working with each other in love? How does this apply in marriage? How can we be rooted and established in love together? How can our individual weaknesses in marriage reveal the glory and grace of God?
In Week 6 Day 4 Briana discusses how spiritual discernment in relationships works. Learn how fear and assumptions can cloud your spiritual discernment. When Ephesians says we are to be humble and gentle, what does that look like, if you are a strong personality? What does gentleness and meekness really mean? 
Week 6 Day 5 Join Briana today to learn the difference between false and true unity. We live in a world full of division and distress. The Body of Christ is intended by the Lord to be united. Are there any issues that we should ever allow to divide us? You may be surprised by the answer that scripture gives us. 
Jesus said in Matthew that there would be a great falling away that happens before the coming of Christ. Find out about how the current apostasy is drawing a supernatural line in the sand that God does not want us to cross. How do we take a stand for the truth, but still stand on the side of love? Find out!

Week 7 – Walking in Truth and Avoiding Deception- How the Body of Christ is designed to keep God’s people from being deceived.

Week 7 Day 1 Today, Briana covers how we can trust our Bible translations. Has the Bible been watered down over the centuries? Are there new things in the Bible that were added over the years by people like Kings and Queens of Europe to control people? What are the differences between NIV, NKJV, NASB and other versions? Also, look into what heresies are being introduced today into many churches. How do the five fold ministries in the church protect the people from these heresies? Take care to examine whether or not your church teaches a heretical approach to the grace of God.
Week 7 Day 2 Is prophecy still a legitimate gift? In today’s episode, Briana unpacks questions that many people have about the offices of the church, one of which is prophet. How can you tell a false prophet from a true prophet? Should I be scared of prophecy? How do I guard myself against people and ministries that are misleading and false? Does God want me to receive the gift of prophecy? How would that look? 
Also, Briana covers the office of evangelist. Is leading people to Jesus a spiritual gift? Should everyone be doing it, if there is a specific office of evangelist? Listen in to find out! 
Week 7 Day 3 Dig in further to learn that the Body of Christ is not a business. It is organic and functions with everyone doing his or her part. Pastors and paid staff are not the only ones God expects to work in the kingdom. A healthy functioning body ministers as each part does what God calls it to do. Briana shares another miracle story where someone followed the Lord’s leading and intervened to save her family from a financially difficult time.
Week 7 Day 4 Find your place in the Body of Christ. Find belonging. You matter! God has a specific call on your life. Discover how Christ leads us out of captivity into belonging and calling. Jesus gifts all of those he sets free. There is no one who is without a purpose. Do you know what God’s purpose for you is? 
The Greek in this passage teaches that we each bring something to the party that makes it a LAVISH event. The Body of Christ is full of so much potential. God uses each of us to strengthen each other and to make everything we do together in Christ a LAVISH event. What are you bringing to the party?
Week 7 Day 5 Cleaning out the closet of your heart. Imagine your old wardrobe from 10 years ago, even your favorite jeans or shoes wear out, get too small or need an upgrade! In the same way, we need to make sure we are clothing ourselves with God’s newest fashions for our spirits. Clothe yourself in righteousness. Put off your old self and put on your new self in true righteousness and holiness. Because we are created in God in true righteousness and holiness, we need to put on his ways. Briana gives examples of what this looks like in our relationships. What does it look like to put off anger through prayer? What does it look like to walk in the power of the newness of the Holy Spirit? Let’s check out Ephesians to find out! 

Week 8 – Overcoming Anger and Unforgiveness and Coming into Joy.

Week 8 Day 1- In today’s podcast, Briana brings some treasures out of her teaching storehouse to help you understand the scripture in Ephesians that describes how the Devil can get a foothold in your home through unresolved anger, bitterness, irritation and unforgiveness.
Week 8 Day 2 Dealing with Anger and the Devil part 2. Today, Briana works through more details of how our unresolved anger and irritation can give the devil a foothold in our lives.
Week 8 Day 3 Dealing with Anger and the Devil part 3. Today, Briana talks about what to do if you have allowed the devil access to your life through unresolved anger.
Week 8 Day 4 Dealing with Anger and the Devil part 4/Finding JOY in your walk with the Lord. Today, Briana closes her teaching on anger with some basic steps to getting victory at the beginning of the podcast. Then she discusses a joy-filled life. How do you produce the fruit of joy in your life? Listen to find out!

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Bible Study Leaders! Enjoy using these free videos as a teaching resource for your groups. If you are on your own studying through Ephesians, please be encouraged by these weekly videos!

Introduction to study

Kick off your study of Ephesians by learning the great power you have in prayer! In this study, Briana uncovers how Paul prays for the Ephesians and how it can impact your personal prayer life! God wants to open your spiritual eyes and speak to you. Find out how!

Week 1 Study – Hope for Eve

In week 1, Briana talks about the Apostle Paul and his transformation from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight, when Jesus opened his spiritual eyes. What did Paul see spiritually, when he was blinded physically for 3 days, as he waited on Ananias to come to lay hands on him? Did he see the first prophecy of promised redemption? Also, find out about the hope we have, as daughters of Eve, redeemed and adopted into God’s family!

Week 2 Study – Sealed and Filled with the Holy Spirit

Most believers spend much of their lives not understanding how God has sealed them with his Holy Spirit. Do you know what the difference is between being sealed and being filled with the Spirit? How can we be filled to overflowing everyday? If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If you have a permanent house guest, learn how to enjoy your relationship with him!

Week 3 Study – Seated in the Heavenly Realms

Pie in the sky? Does understanding the fact that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly Realms mean that we are too earthly minded for heavenly good? Is there a way to tap into the power of God and understand our position in Christ so that our lives are changed? Is Jesus just an ascended master? How does the devil get authority in a believer’s life if he or she is seated in heavenly realms with Jesus? Listen to find out from scripture.

Week 4 Study – Reconciliation

Learn how to begin the relationship reconciliation process through forgiveness in Christ. Part 1 focuses on the power of God to bring people groups together. Part 2 focuses on individual relationships.

Week 5 Study – Strength for your Inner “Man”

Learn how Paul’s prayer from Ephesians 3 is a powerful way to gain strength, not only for yourself, but when praying for others. Gain spiritual strength and faith on a daily basis by seeking the Lord with this scriptural prayer. Revealed in Ephesians Week 5 – Strength for Your Inner Man (or woman!)

Week 6 – Can I Trust the Bible and Healing for Relationships

Has the Bible been changed over the years? How can I trust it? If I trust the scriptures, I can have confidence in prayer for healing for relationships. In today’s teaching, Briana covers questions that people have about the historical trustworthiness of scripture. Has it been changed over the years in translation? Also, today, learn to have confidence that God will hear your prayers. Pray with freedom!

Week 7 Part 1 Christ Sets Up House

In week 7 part 1, Briana discusses what Ephesians says about the purpose of leadership in the church to edify and build up the body. Learn about the roles of apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastor-teachers. How do you come into your calling from God? This 3 part series covers offices and gifts in the body of Christ.
In week 7 part 2, Briana discusses how to grow in spiritual areas where you are weak. Learn how leaders pass on their mantles to those who are under their ministry. Learn about passing on and receiving the torch of the Lord for the growing of God’s kingdom.

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