“To the woman picking up this book looking for truth to nourish her soul, strengthen her resolve, encourage her heart and, perhaps, lighten her step, I wrote this Bible study for you.”

“Reading just the first few pages of this book helped my spiritual life. I was in the middle of some relational challenges with a close friend and beginning to struggle with some deepening anxiety about it. Then I read the first day of Week 1 in Briana's book. Her teaching about putting my name and personal pronouns in the scripture and then praying it to God made that scripture come alive and real to me. I prayed some verses about relationships this way, asking God to make His will in these verses apply to thisdifficult relationship. What a blessing! I felt so much peace,instead of the anxiety I'd had. I felt confident that I had prayed God's will for a valued relationship that was facing some challenges. In the coming days, I saw the Lord work out what I had prayed from his Word. I shared this teaching with my Bible study leader who applied it to a situation in her life where she needed to forgive but had no heart for it. God changed her heart and she was so grateful. I am looking forward to how the Lord is going to use more teachings from this book in my life.”  - Dacia Harvey, financial controller, Sodexo office at Belmont University;children's ministry volunteer, Fellowship Nashville Church, Nashville, TN. (age 33)
"This book is a must-have for women of all ages interested in going deeper in their study of the Bible. As a senior citizen woman and a seasoned Bible student/teacher, I was amazed at the fresh insights and understanding the Lord revealed as I read through this book. I was especially touched by the Greek word studies and the section on how understanding the life of Queen Esther deepens our understanding and application of being warrior princesses. The memory verses and abundant examples of praying through various scriptures in Ephesians will encourage and transform many. Each day's study ends with practical suggestions for applying that lesson to women's daily lives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to read this book and look forward to using it in the next Bible study I lead at our church."   -DuAnne Thrush, women's ministry council leader, women's Bible study teacher, and worship team member, Crossroads Brethren in Christ Church, State Line, PA 



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Learning to Pray the Scripture
Week 1 Day 1
Week 1 Day 2
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Sessions of Briana’s speaking at conferences.


“What a great time the Lord gave us through Briana Nei as our ladies’ conference speaker on Nov. 3, 2018! As a mother of three, Briana engaged well with women at our conference, a very relatable speaker for all our women–the young moms, single women, grandmothers, widows, and single moms. Women who’ve attended most of our conferences over the past 8 years were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this speaker being the best we’ve ever had. Briana presented three sessions, taken from Ephesians, followed by small group sharing around questions she’d prepared so that women were interacting with her teaching throughout the day. At the end of the day, she led in a time of prayer response when a number of the ladies came up for specific, personal prayer by Briana and her team and experienced God’s fresh work in their lives. Our ladies were definitely taught, encouraged, and challenged in their understanding of their identity in Christ. We look forward to using her book on Ephesians in our ladies Bible studies in the future and would definitely invite her to speak at our conference again.”
DuAnne Thrush, Women’s Ministry Council, Crossroads Brethren in Christ Church, State Line, PA