Praying and Fasting to End Abortion Part 1

There are national issues which may seem like a lost cause. Abortion is perhaps one of those issues to many who believe in Jesus and grieve over the national condition. However, something is happening right now on a national level. There is a battle raging to win hearts and minds and to educate men and women on the truth behind abortion. My friend, former abortion doctor and now pro-life advocate, Kathi Aultman told my friend Barb and me over Thai food the other day that she never dreamed that the legislatures in America would be so open to hearing both sides of the story.

“Twenty years ago, it wasn’t like this. When I was testifying against the partial birth abortion laws, the atmosphere in the hearings was very hostile towards the pro-life voices.”

Dr. Aultman says there is an unprecedented attitude change towards tougher laws on abortion. With the uncanny timing of the release of the movie Unplanned, the story of former Planned Parenthood director of the year Abby Johnson’s journey from staunch pro-choice rock star to passionate educator on the hidden dangers and evils of the billion dollar abortion industry, the tides are turning nationwide. Many professionals are leaving the abortion industry and seeking help for the Emotional trauma they have faced and lived through in the abortion industry.

States like Georgia, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio are passing laws that make nearly every type of abortion illegal. In retaliation, Hollywood is pulling movies and television shows out of their filming locations in Georgia to try to put pressure on lawmakers and the Georgia economy. Other states, lead by New York, are working to remove virtually all laws that restrict abortion, including laws that are put in effect to protect the life of the mother. Massachusetts is currently debating a law that would not require any abortions to be performed in hospitals, including dangerous late term abortions. Maternal fatality rates are much higher for late term abortion than they are for live births. There are many complications that can arise from late term abortions. Massachusetts proposed law is meant to remove all restrictions and safeguards in the name of abortion on demand. This includes removing parental notification, which makes it easier for trafficking victims to receive abortions under the radar of law enforcement. These proponents trumpet women’s rights, but keep the women of the country in the dark on the real dangers -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually- to women who undergo abortions.

This heated battle requires a different level of spiritual battle in order for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. What is our biblical precedent for fasting for a national breakthrough?

1. Esther fasted and called a 3 day national fast leading up to her entering the Kings throne room to plead for the Jewish people.

2. Daniel fasted when he saw that the prophesied 70 years of judgement were up and Israel was entering the year of promised deliverance.

3. Jesus told the Pharisees that his disciples would fast when he wasn’t there any more.

4. Many times in the Old Testament, kings and leaders called a fast before going into battle.

Will you join us? Will you be willing to skip breakfast, lunch or both to pray and seek the face of the Lord? You many even try a 24 hour fast, where you eat dinner and then do not eat again till dinner the next day. Some may be able to go longer. Please remember to check with your doctor, if you have health issues, before starting a fast. Be sure to drink lots of water! If you are on a longer fast, try just drinking broths, milk or other fluids to sustain you through the fast.

Again, check with your doctor to make sure you are going about it the right way:

Thank you for joining us! Fasting breaks chains!

Prayer- “Father, in Jesus name- I repent for our nation on behalf of all of the innocent Children who have lost their lives at the hands of their parents and doctors. Forgive our nation for this atrocity. Forgive me for any part of this I may have been involved with. Thank you for your forgiveness, Lord. I trust in the name of Jesus. Open hearts and minds across this nation. Let Justice roll down like a mighty river. May those who are believing lies awaken to the truth, Jesus. Uncover the lies, Lord. Allow conviction of sin to rest up one those who are opposing the truth. Raise up more and more people to come out of the abortion industry, repent and stand for truth. Protect the unborn who are in peril. Raise up men to be the fathers you want them to be. Raise up believers to adopt, in Jesus name! Amen!”

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