Failure as a Parent Can Be Powerful

You may feel like a failure today, but failing is learning. Learning is powerful! So, failure is powerful. Your inadequacy as a mother is all you need to allow God to bring you into new territory and to grow you as a person! ‚Äč

What I Love About You, Mom!

My mother prayed with me so many times, that I felt prayer was a natural extension of life, like breathing. She prayed with me when I was sick, when I was afraid, and in the car driving to the mall. She did spiritual warfare with me. She prayed in the Spirit over me. She made all things spiritual clear and easy. It was all about our relationship with Jesus.

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 13 Praying for Your Family

The prophetic ingathering of Israel's children to their homeland is a beautiful picture of the Lord God redeeming and delivering families. Isaiah 49 is a complex Messianic prophecy about the foretold Messiah and his purpose -- to restore and redeem Israel and to be a shining light to the Gentiles. Jesus -- The Messiah -- …