Chinese Christians Memorize the entire Bible in prison, so the government can’t take it away from them.

American believers scrutinize churches they attend to see which church is the most comfortable for them. American Christians don’t want to pray out loud. American Christians don’t want anything to make them uncomfortable. Our gods are money and comfort. We serve them well.

Years ago, when my husband was working with teens at a leadership summit for a large denomination, a young believer asked one of the adult mentors how to read the Bible. The adult told her that the Bible is too hard to understand.

“Don’t try to even read it,” he said. “Just get a little devo to read every day.”

When we stand before the judgement seat of God, what will we say, when we are compared to suffering Christians in China who have memorized the entire body of scripture, just because that is the only way the government cannot take it away?

Read this article about the stunning events that are happening in China.

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