4 Signs You’re Idolizing your Boyfriend (or Husband)

I think this is one of the very best blogs I have read on relationships in a long, long time! Very insightful spiritual truths that many women need to hear. I wanted to share. Enjoy!

The Transparent Church Girl

You rarely realize you’re “losing it” until it’s nearly too late. Signs subtlety slip in – you can’t sleep, your mind is racing all over the place, your edgy, emotional, and just want to Netflix and chill 24/7. If you are a Jesus person, after a bit the Holy Spirit steps in to wake up from the fog. Somethings off, and it’s time to get it right.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen in girls and grown, married women alike (and in myself too!). More often than not it’s not just hormones….it’s a boy. And yes, that includes our husbands!

I experienced this pretty much my entire teenage life. This one boy had my heart strung up, and I was crazy, no doubt. I lived for his approval and his affection. My prayers were saturated with his name. When he noticed me, I was on…

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Approaching God with Freedom and Confidence!

The truth that God will always have enough—more than enough—for any deficit I experience in my life can be transferred and applied to all situations in my life. Everything I need, in my mind/thoughts or in my insecurity or in a relationship that needs healing and reconciliation, is found in God’s treasure house of love and power.