Leadership Goals like Jesus

I want lead like Jesus. Jesus is the quintessential example of servant leadership. His goals were to lower himself to build up those who were created through him, for him and by him for a relationship with him. Yet, instead of looking at this role as a burden and a bother, he considered it a joy. His heart is so big and he loves so deeply.

He washes his church with the water of the word. He protects her with his blood. He comes to seek and to save the lost. He is a servant. He humbles himself to lift up.

When he was ministering, he took time to fill up. He didn’t have this attitude of, “I am the Son of God! I only have three years to accomplish this major ministry goal. I don’t have time to sleep, eat or pray. I have all-power within myself to do this.”

If anyone had all power within himself to do ministry, it was Jesus. But, he still took ample time to seek the face of the Father to fill up every day. He spent hours in the Father’s presence so he would be steadied for the ministry of the day. We also see lots of references to him sleeping and eating. He withdrew to rest, sleep, pray and to minister to his inner circle of disciples.

If we want to be like Jesus, we have to do a few simple things.

  1. Spend time in God’s presence daily. Shut the world out. Get alone with him. Enjoy him. Be refilled with the Spirit’s power.
  2. Rest. Really rest in body, soul and spirit.
  3. Pour out what the Father gives you. Freely have you received, freely give. Don’t look online for sermon content. Go to the throne of God and receive fresh teaching from him daily.
  4. Reset! Do it again. You cannot pour out what you don’t have.

2 Replies to “Leadership Goals like Jesus”

  1. Those in ministry need our prayers as they fight the good fight daily. They need encouragement and communication. The battle becomes harder when the leaders (with Jesus as their Head and role model) are left to fight alone. Come alongside them, two by two, like Paul and Silas. 🙂


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