For the Love of My Daughter – What separation teaches me about love.

So much effort is spent attempting to open the hearts of believers to their place in God’s family. Paul puts his own pen to this effort in his letters to the Ephesians and Corinthians in full force. What does it mean to be adopted into God’s family? What does is feel like? What should it feel like to truly wrap our heads around this place of belonging?

Today, in the bittersweet parting of ways with my college age daughter, I found profound perspective. I know the feeling of longing to have one more long walk, one more hug, one more shared couch with her head on my shoulder. Separation is an ache that reminds me of the relationship’s tender value. So precious are the moments I savored with my daughter over her holiday break. So long are the minutes that will pass before the next cup of coffee we will share.

Yet, in the ache of absence and long distance is a warmth of the love and confidence in our relationship. How much more does our Father in heaven love us? How much does he ache when days pass without spending time together? How great was the chasm between us that he made the sacrifice of his only begotten Son Jesus to reconcile the relationship? What was it like to be separated from the only person who never betrayed him to rescue the children who walked in constant rejection of his love?

Can I understand the need for restoration? Today, in my momentary loss, I feel I can understand his heart in a two-dimensional way.

Godspeed the days till I see my daughter again. Godspeed your Spirit to enlighten my heart to know your love and your desire to be close to me. Godspeed my repentance from the things that put distance between me and you. In Jesus’ name.

5 Replies to “For the Love of My Daughter – What separation teaches me about love.”

  1. This is really beautiful, Briana! I was touched by your words. In being so far from my whole family, I understand your ache, but I’ve never contemplated this deeper idea. Thanks for sharing! 😊


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