When Worry and Doubt Interrupt Faith

Quick musing as I read Jeremiah this morning. In Jeremiah 1:16 God says, “I will pronounce my judgements on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me, in burning incense to other gods and in worshipping what their hands have made.”

We are often times so self- centered that we want to worship God on our own terms. We want to worship him in our own ways. We don’t want him to tell us what to do.

This stems from the idolatry of self. When we worship ourselves, we have no idea or thought of getting to know the living God. We listen to what society says about him and don’t listen to what he says about himself- or us.

I have heard people say, “I could never worship a God who sends people to hell.” Yet, they ignore that this same God is so much greater than us- so much more holy than we can even imagine. This God they say they won’t worship, who is outside of time and space, who is the creator of time itself, stepped into time to redeem mankind from its utter rebellion against him.

If someone turned from you and hated you, would you give up your only son- the one who loved you more than anyone- to rescue the haters? I am guessing not. we can’t even have a civil discourse with people we disagree with on masks, let alone sacrifice our own lives in humility and love for those who hate us.

Yet, we think we are so much more righteous than God- so much more loving. It’s a whole lot of self-righteousness deception.

Where does the concept of love come from? Where did it originate from? Some people believe that it evolved with us from a primordial soup over billions of years. Love. This love that people are willing to die for- this is what people think came from nothing.

Yet, because we don’t want to accept all the realities of the spirit realm, we say that God isn’t good enough for us. God can’t be love, because he requires things of us. If he was love, he would love us without any requirements. Yet, we kick our husband out of bed for not cleaning to our own standards or remembering our anniversary.

God is way more patient and long-suffering than we are. He is the originator of love. It all began with him. He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

Why do we want to worship our own idols of self? Why? Honestly, because we are rebellious and don’t want to be told what to do. We want to make sure we are taken care of. Will our needs be met? We ask, “God, if I do this stuff for you, will you come through for me?”

And I am speaking to people who call themselves Christians. We want to worship God on our terms and not seek his will. We don’t care about loving God as much as he cares about loving us. “As long as it’s comfortable and convenient, I’m in.” Perhaps that’s why families are falling apart too. We are only willing to commit if it’s comfortable for us.

Ultimately, every man and woman for themselves is becoming the ruin of us all. God, the one who spoke and the sun, moon and stars appeared, had created us in his image for a relationship with him. He loves us in such an intense and perfect way, we can’t even imagine. Why can’t we love him back? Why do we say God can’t put conditions on our relationship, but we can put conditions on him and on other people?

It’s time to rest. It’s time to rest in God’s love and to trust him with ourselves. We are so self-focused and so worried about getting our way that we forget who knows the best way for us. His ways are higher than our ways.

We need to stop being so self focused and be God focused. God will take better care of you than you ever could. You don’t want to believe in hell, because you don’t think a loving God will send someone to hell? Maybe start opening your eyes to the fact that God didn’t want you to go to hell enough to provide a way out that involved the greatest sacrifice on his part.

God loves you. God has his eyes set on you. You don’t even have to beg. You just have to humble yourself to his love. Love is humbling, when we have been ugly to the one who loves us.

God is patient and long suffering. He is calling you. He wants to care for you more than you care for yourself. But, you need to submit to him. You need to put faith in Jesus his son.

I am speaking to Christians, not just non-Christians. It’s time to start living in love with the God who has given everything for you. Instead of living in fear and anxiety, abandon yourself to God.

Be willing to spend time with him. Be willing to admit you can’t understand everything and to ask him for wisdom and revelation in the areas that are difficult to understand. be willing to do the difficult things.

During these times when God is bringing his judgements, do not turn from him. Trust him. Trust your life to him. Trust that he loves you. Do some soul seeking and ask him if you are loving him well. Ask him to reveal his love to you.

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