Quick Tips for the Overwhelmed Bible Student Day 2

Over the years, I am floored by how many highly educated, intelligent people are scared or overwhelmed by the thought of reading their Bibles.

It’s one thing for someone illiterate to feel inadequate, but why do so many who are good students in so many other areas of life relegate themselves to the arena of failure, just because it is the Bible. Is it because it is spiritual content? Is it because it is so big?

Whatever the reason, God intended his Word to be accessible by his people. He even established leaders in the church for the express purpose of encouraging, edifying and building up those in the Body of Christ to know God better.

So, this blog is meant to make your time with God more meaningful and less overwhelming. During day 1, we learned to read the Bible in context, and to start by picking 1 book that is short and to read it in one sitting. This should take 15 minutes.

Day 2 Challenge- Listen and Look for Themes. We are thinking BIG PICTURE HERE! What are the main concerns of the person writing the letter?

1. Start your time with the Lord by acknowledging his presence, and asking him to open your heart and mind to hear from his Spirit. This takes all the pressure off of you to understand and puts it all on the Lord to communicate with you. Plus, the Bible is the Word of God, so it only makes sense to study it with an open heart to what he is saying!

2. Read the same book you read on day 1.

3. Read it aloud this time, or listen to a reader on a Bible app. This way you are using a different physical sense to take in the Word. After all, Romans 10 says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! Hearing the spoken Word out loud, while asking for revelation from the Spirit is powerful!

4. As you listen, write down any themes that pop out at you. This may take the form of an outline. Basically, listen for the main ideas the Apostle is communicating.

Pray and ask the Lord to allow his Word to go deep down into your soul!

5. Just do it! Don’t wait for the perfect time. There will rarely ever be the perfect time to do what is important. That’s why we need to make time and make growing close to God a priority!

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