Quick Tips For the Overwhelmed Bible Student

After taking a poll on my ministry’s social media group, I have come to realize that many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to reading the Bible. I decided to do a series of quick and simple Bible study tips.

Encouragement– God meant for you to understand his Word by his Spirit. By simply praying before each time you read, and asking God to give you spiritual revelation and understanding through his Spirit, you can hear from the Lord when you read.

1. Read for content and context. Instead of taking one verse at a time, read the Bible in bigger chunks. Start with a short book like Jude, Ephesians, Colossians or James. These are books you can read in one sitting in 15 minutes.

2. Get a notebook or open a computer document for taking notes.

3. Set down your phone and other internet distractions!

4. Pray for God to open your heart and speak to you.

5. Read through the short book of the Bible in one sitting! Write down anything that the Lord brings to your mind.

6. That’s it for day 1!!!! Tomorrow we will come back to the same book and start to look a little deeper.

You’ve got this! Baby steps to Bible study!

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