Word from God to my Heart

Many moons ago, as a freshman in college, I walked along a lonely path from the science hall back to my dorm. Ahead of me on the path was a friendly looking student crunching his way through the leaves. All about making friends, I quickened my step till we were walking side by side. 

“Hi!” I said, “I’m Briana, what’s your name?” 


Caleb looked at me sideways, as we walked. He looked amused by me, for whatever reason, as I asked him what his major was. He suddenly looked a bit embarrassed. “I’m in high school.”

Oh. Not that it mattered. I was just making a friend. At this stage in college I was asking everyone the same standard questions. “What’s your name?” “What’s your major?” “Where do you work?” “Where are you from?”

“Where do you work?” 

“I work at a hardware store in the paint department and sometimes I work with contractors on jobs.” 

Impressive for a high school senior. 

Now the tables turned. 

“What’s your job?”

I squirmed a bit as I walked. “McDonald’s.” 

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed.

As we walked and talked, crunching through the leaves on the quiet Indiana campus, God shot a message right to me. 

“Your going to have his children, someday.”

I literally almost stopped walking. I remember watching my feet when I heard this message. My next thought was, ‘I don’t even know what he looks like!’ I hadn’t really looked directly at his face. 

I decided to look a little more intently.

I wrote off the thought as just a random brain misfire, but it was so out of the blue that I made a mental note and never forgot that conversation with the stranger who, quite frankly, I wasn’t even crushing on. 

Two years later we started courtship and today, on Mother’s Day, I am oh so happy to say that I am the mother of our children. 

Today, when he brought me coffee with our youngest, who brought me eggo waffles with strawberries cut up into a smiley face on it, he said, “I am so thankful for you. You are a great mother to your children.” 

It sparked this memory, because I am a mother to OUR children. Together, 18 years later, we are truly one heart and one family. 

Those many years ago, God spoke to my heart and gave me my mission, even when it was the last thing on my mind: to be the mother that Ariel, Ellis and Isaac needs. 

So thankful today for the supernatural and natural blessings from God every day.

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