God Is In Control

Do you ever get scared reading the news? Do you wonder if the return of Jesus is imminent? Do you find yourself wondering about the preparations you should or shouldn’t be making or wondering if there are any tropical islands for sale in your price range that you could relocate your family to soon?

Streets in Baltimore looked like a war zone Tuesday morning after a night of riots, fires and heartbreak.
Streets in Baltimore looked like a war zone Tuesday morning after a night of riots, fires and heartbreak.

Today, after discussing the spiritual state of the world with my father (Mike Dean) and all the things that are coming upon us to distress the souls of mankind, I thought I would blog a bit about his wisdom in a couple paragraphs. (Since he doesn’t have a blog and since I think people need to think about what he said.)

The nature of Jesus Christ is being greatly overlooked by the people of God now a days. Jesus is coming back soon, as promised in scripture and as we see by the state of the world as it lines up with what the Bible says it will look like in the final days. However, we need to remember who Jesus is. When we enter into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, that covenant comes along with many benefits, other than the remission of sins, (which we are forever grateful for!) The covenant of God for his children comes along with his promises (which he cannot break)  to never leave us nor forsake us. Jesus said, “And, lo, I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.”

We can rely on our careful planning and think we have everything under control, but really God is the one who has everything under control. Ultimately, we must rely on his character to protect, provide and to defend his bride, the one whom his soul loves. He will not only “keep us”, but when we must walk through the fire, he will be there. (Ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abendnego.)

Look at Corrie Ten Boom, he said. God prepared her family and gave them wisdom and direction during World War II. He provided for them and then allowed them to undergo what they went through to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into the Nazi death camps before people went into gas chambers. He did something so incredible, so great that we can’t comprehend it.

Corrie Ten Boom

What the Bible describes as happening in the end times is perilous. If we are indeed living in that time, or approaching it, the church will be seeing persecution that we cannot imagine. Should this bring fear? No! It should remind us of the faithfulness of The Lord. He will not leave us alone and he will be there bringing about supernatural provision, miracles and a move of His Spirit that we cannot imagine. To forget this about The Lord is to not have faith. Do not forget the nature of Jesus Christ. Do not just get caught up in following news articles and online prophetic words, (whether true or not…), if we cannot remember who Jesus Christ is.

So believer in Jesus, how is your relationship with your savior? Do you remember who he is? Are you living on spiritual fumes or are you walking in his truth? Is your lamp full of the oil of The Spirit or are you trying to live off of the oil in someone else’s spiritual lamp?

“Seek The Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6

The real question is, do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Have you repented of your sin and turned to him? His promise is good and he will keep it! When you give Jesus your past and your addictions and your sin and your secrets, he gives you a clean slate, a new heart, His Spirit to live inside of you to overcome and a promise of a new future in him. He died on the cross because there was no other way to redeem people from their sin and death. He offers new life and security in God’s family. When the world is panicking, God’s people will have steadfast hearts because we know the one we have believed in and we know that we can trust him with our souls and our lives in this life and in the life to come.

Today, if you need to repent, get on your knees and confess your sins to Jesus Christ. Ask him to forgive you and remove your sin from your life. Ask him, “Jesus, forgive my sin, come into my life and make me a new creation. I want to belong to your family. I want to live for you. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me new life and power to live for you and overcome. Thank you for dying for me and rising again from the dead. In Jesus name, Amen!” Message me if you prayed this prayer and need to know what to do next in your walk with The Lord!

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