Why God is Silent on Spaghetti.

My kids know me. They know me well. There are certain things that my husband and I allow and certain things we do not allow in the house. We have a culture, an atmosphere, so to speak, in our home and our kids know the drill.

I am pretty laid back, but I do like my house clean, while Caleb’s level of clean is at a whole higher level. Our kids know this. They know what our rules are in the house. I think they know that their Dad will never come to them and say, “Kids, I’ve changed my mind. From now on we will be eating every meal on the carpet in the living room with no plates. Oh, and by the way, we are no longer using napkins, you can just wipe your hands on the carpet. AND, in addition, I hope that all the towels get left in a pile till they get musty.” He will never change on this. It is against his nature and against mine to say that it’s okay to destroy the house.

In fact, my husband and I do not need to say a word about this stuff, because it is an established part of our home environment. If our kids bring in a new friend that decides to rub jello into the carpet, we will immediately be educating them on our house rules. But, we do not need to tell our kids this over and over. In fact, if we need to tell them, there is usually a problem.

You see, there are things that we will NOT change on. Never. Nada.

If my son came to me and said, “Mom, I really want to eat my spaghetti on the living room floor without a plate or napkin. I want to eat it with my hands off of the carpet. I really think you need to rethink your mom rules, because all my friends are allowed to eat their spaghetti off of the carpet,” I would just blink at him. I don’t even know what I would say. I would probably just walk away.

My silence and blinking would communicate my views on his new spaghetti idea.

He would know it. Even if his friends would disown him or think I was uncool, #Ireallydontcare.

I. Don’t. Care.

I would be amused at first.

If I came into the living room and my son was attempting to dish out his new friends some spaghetti on the floor, because I was silent, I would take action that would embarrass him. I am sure he would feel scarred for life because of my reaction. I am sure there would be some need for therapy. In fact, there would be (gasp) conflict.

Everyone seems to think that God is all about being conflict free. I am so surprised at the new disconnect in society, especially with self-proclaimed Christians, that believe that God would never cause a hurt feeling or bring a feeling of conflict into our souls. He’s our father. We are a part of his family. There will be spiritual conflict, as well as love.

I am giving this ludicrous example, because my children love me and would never, ever, ever do this spaghetti scenario. The thought is so outlandish, so crazy, so obscene that even the most laid-back home-maker would cringe. Any person who thinks that God will change the most basic parts of who he is because of a new trend or because society is changing needs to do some deep soul searching.

Also, the idea that we need to change who God is and that God’s Word will change with what is popular to get people into his kingdom is an absolute sign that people who think this way do not know God at all.

God is silent. God is blinking at pastors who are praying and asking if it’s time to smear spaghetti sauce on the carpet. They can’t hear from him. He isn’t saying anything, because he cannot answer a question they already know the answer to.

And when we say, “Bu, bu, but this topic is controversial!!!! It brings conflict. It is exclusive! It brings bad feelings to people who are being told they can’t spread spaghetti sauce on the carpet.”

Yeah. Well, that conflict is what happens when we rebel against God and act like we can turn the atmosphere of God’s family inside out. Sin is no longer sin.

In fact, we forget the verses that say, “He who rejects you will reject me and he who rejects me rejects the one who sent me.” Individuals who want to REALLY know Jesus will be confronted with who he really is. He IS the GREAT I AM. He IS the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He never changes. He will not now and never will allow spaghetti sauce to be defiantly smeared on the carpet.

Jesus died for our sin, to cleanse us from sin, and to deliver us from the power of sin, which is death. People who want to deny the power of Jesus Christ to deliver us from sin or anyone from sin, for that matter are denying the cross of Jesus Christ. Where are the people who actually believe the truth about God’s power to change lives?

God doesn’t change himself. He changes lives. He changes us. He heals us. He loves us in the middle of our mess. However, sometimes that means helping us to clean up the mess and setting new and special boundaries for us so that we can be clear on who he really is and what is right and what is wrong and what will harm us and what will help us.

There are certain truths that God has established in his Word. If we want to know what he thinks, we can go back to his Word. We can pray all day (as some recent ministry leaders and high profile pastors have claimed to do,) and not get an answer, except from our feelings.

You see, when we ask God for an answer to a question he’s already answered and we don’t like the answer, then our last resort is to go to our feelings and claim it’s the Holy Spirit. Well, it may be a spirit, but I guarantee it’s not holy. Our feelings are very influential. That’s why it’s important to trust God’s Word.

I believe people when they say they are praying and seeking God about certain issues. If God is silent and all you can hear are your emotions, go back to his Word. God is not a God of confusion…unless your emotions are your god.

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