Who is Picking Out Your Clothes?

I just read an article where a woman commenter asked the blogger how to know if a movie/show is something she should be watching. She wanted to know how to choose what TV shows God would approve of without having to read the Bible. (She really didn’t want it to come to that.) I was sad to see this comment and I know that even though the Bible doesn’t say specific movie or TV show names, it contains truth for life!

When Christians want someone else to tell them what choices to make without knowing what God’s Word says, that is like giving someone else all your money and asking them to spend it. It’s also like asking someone else to be in charge of your schedule, who comes over to your house, how dirty it gets and when/how you clean it. Who would give someone else the power to choose what you wear every day? I didn’t think that would appeal to anyone.

The Bible is the embodiment of all the wisdom, knowledge and truth of God. It’s full of his will. This is something people are always on the lookout for. If we are truly followers of Jesus, we should know what principles and truth are in his Word, so we can walk with God and make decisions that are healthy without needing to go around asking everyone else what to do. (Based on their opinions.) When we read God’s Word and ask God to speak to us by his Holy Spirit when we read it, we are filled with God’s knowledge and he can use that knowledge and truth to convict us and speak to us through the day. For example, if I read in Matthew in the sermon on the mount that anything that causes me to lust should be cut off, when I watch something with lustful content, my heart “alarm” will go off warning me to walk away.

Psalm 119:11

Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

This is knowing God. God speaks to you when you read his Word.

God speaks to your heart and so do so many other outside influences. So, if you don’t know his Word at all, how will you know if the feeling in is from God, yourself, the world or even the devil? If you know his Word, no one else will need to tell you what movies to watch or not watch. You will hear from the Holy Spirit.

Each time you listen to and obey God’s Spirit, you will be trained in righteousness and be able to hear him better each time you obey. But, if you run away from the Spirit and harden your heart, you will be further from the truth and less able to hear. So, even though you may be following your “heart”, you are not necessarily following the Spirit.

Where to start?

1. Start by asking God to fill your thoughts and your mind with his Spirit as you read the Word of God.

2. Pick an easy and short book in the New Testament like Philippians or Ephesians or the gospel of Mark.

3. Start reading God’s Word everyday! If you miss a day, no worries! Just start back up the next day.

4. Ask God to give you a hunger and thirst for his Word. If you struggle with reading it, ask him to remove any blocks from reading his Word in the name of Jesus.

FINALLY, if you are reading God’s Word, praying for wisdom and to be Spirit-filled and led, then when you need to know about a movie or show, you will be all the more able to discern right from wrong, when God speaks to you!


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