Ode to Us…For God’s Sake!

There once was a word that the world had heard;

It was treasured above selfish banter.

Poems and songs captured in throngs,

The essence of, now silently slandered.

Gone are the days of the union of us.

This two letter word that’s now shunned.

Replaced by the thrust of a wander lust,

For self-centeredness now on the throne.

With you absent from the us, we are lost;

While you seek for your personal vision.

You seek your goals and good feeling trolls,

As you lead your own life and own mission?

What about Christ, who joined us as one

And prayed for our unity?

Not for each man to seek his own land

And personal piety.

Yes. What about US?

The union, the Trust?

Where is the Body of Christ?

If someone could tell me that would be nice.

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