God help me to live purposefully. Help me to accomplish those things that I don't want to do or the things that are overwhelming. God says, "Do it!" You have authority over these things in your life. You decide. You make decisions. Scrolling down Facebook is living in reaction mode. We give ourselves over to …

Lenten Omission?

Have you ever had an emotional kick in the gut? I just had one reading a Lenten post. I have a confession to make. I have never given up anything for Lent. I kind of just ignore all the blog posts and social media buzzes. Why? I don't know, really. It's not an intentional omission. …

10 Things 20-Something’s Should START Doing

The Apostle Paul talks about the value of singleness. Too many people in their twenties, (single or married) live for themselves and do not embrace the place they can have in the Body of Christ. One of my favorite topics. I liked this succinct blog. So, I re-blogged it.


So there’ve been all these posts lately talking about “things that 20-something’s should stop doing…” It’s easy for me to point out what people aren’t doing, but it’s probably more beneficial for us to think of things we should be doing… So here’s a list of 10 things (random and not in any particular order) that 20-somethings (this also goes for TEENAGERS, as well as those beyond their 20’s) should start doing:

1. Be a Mentor. You probably have a lot to give. You’ve been through a lot, you’ve made mistakes, and you’ve probably learned a lot of lessons. Go share that with someone who’s where you were just a few short years ago. Every Timothy needs a Paul.

2. Find a Mentor. You haven’t arrived. The things you don’t know outweigh the things you do know 10 to 1. All the successful people I know are not only…

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