Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

I was praying tonight about the state of our world and nation- just crying out to God without words. I saw a picture of a man of God from ages past kneeling in candlelight. He was dressed like the men from the Great Awakening. The Lord impressed on me that this very picture is the difference between now and then. There was a time when men and women of God who led spiritually used to seek the Lord for hours on bended knee- on hard floors at night and in the early morning by candlelight. Now men and women who lead seek the light and glow of fame and people. They seek to be seen and not to see God. They seek to make a name for themselves instead of to lift up the name of Jesus. God is looking for humble people who seek his face daily. He will exalt the humble.

This is where we have lost our way. We have sought a hollow Christianity that is built on programs and popularity instead of on the foundations of the Lord himself. Leaders fall into sin and hide it. Leaders forget to seek the Lord in all things. Leaders forget the power of prayer and focus on the power of their own imagination and vision. They make vision boards and work to build kingdoms the Lord never built. Get away. Get into your secret place. Seek the Lord while he may be found.

The foundations are cracking. You do not repair this type of foundation disrepair with a one day event on the national mall. (While the event can be good, it needs to be the sign of daily habits in every believer- a return to true repentance and prayer.) God will not change the course of a nation who believes that one day and one gathering in public will take the place of personal repentance of leaders and lay people. We must – I say we must- discipline ourselves to seek the Lord. We must be like those who have gone ahead of us from ages past. We must fast and pray- not for a day- but for a life time. For a change. To lift up Jesus and not ourselves.

Repent America. Repent Church. Seek the Lord and not your own glory. Jesus is coming again sooner than you think. Do not be caught without oil in your lamp.

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