4 Signs You’re Idolizing your Boyfriend (or Husband)

I think this is one of the very best blogs I have read on relationships in a long, long time! Very insightful spiritual truths that many women need to hear. I wanted to share. Enjoy!

The Transparent Church Girl

You rarely realize you’re “losing it” until it’s nearly too late. Signs subtlety slip in – you can’t sleep, your mind is racing all over the place, your edgy, emotional, and just want to Netflix and chill 24/7. If you are a Jesus person, after a bit the Holy Spirit steps in to wake up from the fog. Somethings off, and it’s time to get it right.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen in girls and grown, married women alike (and in myself too!). More often than not it’s not just hormones….it’s a boy. And yes, that includes our husbands!

I experienced this pretty much my entire teenage life. This one boy had my heart strung up, and I was crazy, no doubt. I lived for his approval and his affection. My prayers were saturated with his name. When he noticed me, I was on…

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One Reply to “4 Signs You’re Idolizing your Boyfriend (or Husband)”

  1. Amen! So few are willing to talk about this, but it IS idolatry to focus more on any man, real or imagined, than on God (as many single Christian women are OBSESSED with finding “the one the Lord intends for them”) Thank you. Great article.


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