Unsung Women

Stunned. Emotions. Who is she? Where is she now? What is her name? Where did she go? Did she know that her sacrificial act of befriending a neighbor would affect so many? Did she fight when she heard God’s voice? Did she feel inadequate? Did she say, “My ministry is in the home, not sharing the gospel?” Did she think, “That’s not my calling. What if she thinks I’m judging her?” Or was she excited? Was she bold? Was she compassionate? Did she know that by sharing Jesus’s love that millions of people would be affected for the gospel? From her little apartment in Chicago, she reached out to a nice agnostic woman, who seemed to have it together. She didn’t have Jesus. Now she does, and so does her husband. If Paul Harvey were alive, he would say,

“Watch this 5 minute video for the rest of the story.”


Don’t gloss over the little things you do for Jesus. Each life matters. Each person you serve and share Jesus with matters.

To all the unsung women out there who go unnoticed- I devote this blog to you!

Did you watch it? Did you catch the unsung woman’s place in the story? We’ll never know until we reach heaven, all the lives we touch here on earth.

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