Equipping the Saints

Are you in the trenches doing ministry, but feel you need more support to help those you are called to help? Do you need simple encouragement from like-minded believers?

Equipping the Saints is a Christian ministry training weekend February 18-19 at Historic Rosemont Carriage House in Berryville, VA. This ministry is a combined effort of Small Voice Ministries and Revealed Ministries. Sponsored by Emmaus Church, Compass Community Church and Bethany House of the Lord.

Friday 5:30pm-Saturday 4:00pm

This ministry weekend will provide practical and effective biblical instruction on how to meet the needs of broken people in the body of Christ through discipleship and spiritual warfare. As our society becomes increasingly secular and Godless, individuals and families are exposed to harmful content, confusion, anxiety, division and occult influences. The church needs to be ready to meet the need. 

Sessions are Free and Open to the Public

The gospel is free and so is training in righteousness! We do not charge a tuition for training. We do offer meal and accommodation packages, if you would like to eat and stay at Rosemont Guest Houses. Prices are affordable and will be posted with a registration link by the evening of January 28th. There are scholarships available for people who are traveling and need assistance with overnight costs. Please contact Joyce at Joyce@briananei.com for more information.

Sessions Pass – Free to attend all sessions

Meal Pass – for light snacks, drinks, coffee bar, breakfast and lunch $30 per person.

Overnight Pass – Enjoy a comfortable night in the cozy Historic Rosemont Guest Houses. Friday evening snacks, drinks, coffee bar, breakfast and lunch included $65 per person.

Spouse discount – We want to see husbands and wives grow together in their ministries and to be strengthened in their homes. We are providing a couples discount price of $100 for an overnight for two, which includes a room and everything in the meal passes. (2 meal passes included.)

Revealed Ministries is thankful for years of partnership with Historic Rosemont!

Be Equipped– In the past couple of years, Indiana Weslyan University did a poll of its alumni asking what was one thing they wished they learned at a Christian college, that would benefit their ministries. The one area that got the most agreement was spiritual warfare training. This caused the University to recently include a required class for all students on the topic. At our conference we will be teaching a “nuts” and “bolts” straightforward and practical application of how to personally overcome strongholds. You will also learn to minister to other people with spiritual warfare and spiritual counseling using the truth and power we have in Jesus Christ.

Setting Captives Free

Recently, the state of Virginia suspended the acceptance of patients for mental health issues into 5 of its 8 major mental health hospital systems, due to understaffing. The demand for hope in crisis is rising, yet many pastors and lay leaders are unprepared for how to deal with the complex issues facing the average church family. 

How do we practically use spiritual warfare in ministering to broken people? How do we know the difference between a demonic harassment and a sin or emotional issue? How do we help people with addictions, anxiety and identity confusion? When discussing the need for pastors and spiritual leaders to be trained to help people in crisis, I was told, “The most helpful thing a pastor can be taught  is to refer to a professional for counseling.” I quickly replied, “The people who are coming to us for help have been to professionals. They have been medicated and have spent thousands of dollars, yet the professionals can’t help them. However they are getting set free and delivered through simple biblical truths that are applied in the power and love of Jesus Christ.”

Add to your ministry toolbox

The goal of an Equipping the Saints Training is to:

The scriptures teach us that everything we need for life and godliness is found in Christ Jesus. 

Provide an opportunity for pastors to bring their ministry team for deeper discipleship training. Setting the captives free is not just a pastor’s job, but it is something that should be a part of the life of a church. The principles that will be taught are simple and profound and can be used to strengthen every leadership team in Christ and prepare them to immediately help those around them. 

Teach a scriptural understanding of being led by the Holy Spirit in ministering to broken people. 

Train in using spiritual warfare. 

Lay a biblical foundation in the power of forgiveness to set people free. 

Encourage and strengthen spiritual leaders in how to battle the enemy for their own families and ministries. 

Who will benefit? Pastoral staff, pastor’s wives, leadership teams, lay leaders who are involved in discipleship, Christian counselors, any believer who wants to grow in effective ministry tools.
Photo by Hugo Fergusson on Unsplash

Meet Our Team!

Pastor Michael Dean of Small Voice Ministries has over 45 years of experience with pastoral counseling and deliverance ministry. He is the senior pastor of Emmaus Church and Living Water United Brethren. 

Briana Nei of Revealed Ministries teaches women to find freedom through knowing Jesus Christ. She has discipled and trained women’s ministry leaders across the United States.

Caleb Nei is the Worship Arts Director at Emmaus Church in Berryville, VA. He loves leading worship, training up young worshippers, and playing jazz on the weekends in the greater Washington DC area. 

Tentative Schedule

Friday, February 18th

5:00pm Registration opens -beverages and light snacks provided

6:00pm Worship

6:30pm Session 1

8:00pm Session 2

Saturday, February 19th

7:30am Breakfast

8:30am Worship

9:00am Sessions begin

12:00pm Lunch

1:15pm Sessions resume

2:00pm Worship and Anointing Service

3:00pm Closing Sessions

4:00pm Commissioning Prayer and Closing

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